Raised Ponds

Keep Your Child Safe with Raised Ponds

Raised ponds are a great solution if you want to protect your children while enjoying the beauty and relaxed atmosphere of a garden pond.

Ponds have been used to decorate gardens, but also for physical therapy and mental well-being. They add a little more atmosphere to the odd terrace and attract beautiful birds. Any aquarium lover will also find that a pond is great to keep exotic fish or larger species in a fairly natural environment. Nevertheless, ponds can become dangerous if your little one is playing unsupervised and may fall into the water. Similarly, people whose vision is fading may also be in danger and a raised pond can solve this critical situation. But before a pond can be raised, the procedure of creating one is quite universal. Read on to learn more about building a pond in your garden.

If the pond is going to be built on a surface covered in lawn, you must first clear the ground. Then you can start digging the pond in the size and depth that is good for your garden and according to your wishes. You can use a special pond foil and lay it out in the hole you dug to avoid that water escapes and floods the whole garden. Some people prefer to pour concrete into the whole, but you may need professional assistance with that.

If you are planning to use your pond for fish, you are advised to build in a plug as you may need to lower the water level and replace it with fresh water. If no fish are going into the pond, a plug is usually not necessary. There is also the option to buy a ready-made pond, meaning an already assembled foil construction that is simply put into the hole. However, you must then make sure that the hole matches the size of the construction.

Once that is done you may want to plant flowers, grass and other greens around the pond to make it look more natural and cover up the foil. Raised ponds are created by building a wall around the normal pond, similar to a swimming pool. If you want to raise your pond to protect visitors and children, you should build the wall around 60-90cm high. The wall can be made of wood or stone, and people like to make the wall a little thicker so that it can be used as a bench as well. Raised ponds are ideal to protect people who are limited in vision or can’t swim, or children who need to be watched at all times.

While a pond can be dangerous for the little ones, it is also a great way to explore wildlife and flora. You will find that with time, your pond becomes a biotope for a range of plants and animals and if the water and cleanliness is kept up to a high standard, a real ecosystem will develop. Most people choose to plant water lilies, put ornamental fish into the pond and plant some traditional bulrush – a must have in any garden pond. If you have fish, why not create a natural habitat for them by planting their favourite food as opposed to feeding them dried substitutes?

Raised ponds are not only a safety measure but can also be a romantic place for couples as they can sit on the wall and create a private love nest using pillows and candles. There are also special candles that can be put into the pond and float on the water- this is not only great decoration for a dinner party, but also a truly romantic idea!