Raspberry Bushes

A Quick Overview on Raspberry Bushes

Raspberry bushes will produce a wonderful fruit called raspberries.  These berries are used for various different things ranging from jelly to a glaze that can be placed on top of different foods and cakes.  If you have even tasted a raspberry you may understand how the sweet taste is a great reminder of summertime and picnics.  Finding these bushes along the countryside or growing them in your own garden can bring delight to anyone.  This article will explain these bushes so that you know how to identify in the country and how to grow one in your garden.

The first thing you should remember is that raspberry bushes can be found in four different colors.  They can be red, black, gold or purple.  They are different from blackberries because they have a hollow center.  This can be a clue when you find one in the wilderness.  Once you decide what color you would like to plant in your own garden, you are going to need to pick a type of raspberry bush that is under that color.  There are several different types of bushes under each color.

Under black raspberry bushes, you have the option for Blackhawk, Bristol, or Cumberland.  The Cumberland is actually the most popular when you think of planting in your own back yard.  This is often because it will bloom for an extended amount of time.  It also produces a lot of fruit each time that it is in bloom.  There are seven different types of bushes that you can select from under the red raspberry bushes.  You would be wise to spend some time looking at each type that is available.  You will be able to gain a better understanding of the conditions that each one requires and which ones grow better in the wild.  You may find out that you can not really provide the raspberry bushes you wanted with the proper care that they need.  Some of them need a lot of humidity and heat.  Others need cooler temperatures.  It would be best to know this before your purchase them.

Next, once you have selected the right bush for you, you will want to select a location that is going to give your raspberry bushes a lot of sun.  As you prepare the soil for planting you are going to need to add an organic fertilizer to the soil.  This is what raspberries thrive on and the need the organic material to grow.  It also helps hold the moisture in the soil so that they plant will not dry out.  You will need to add this in the early spring time.  You will also need to water them frequently.  Remember that these bushes are a great investment because they are going to produce a beautiful, delicious fruit for you the first year they are planted.  This makes it worth the work and effort.

You are going to know that the berries are ripe and ready to be harvested when they will come off of the stem easily.  This is going to be the time you have been waiting for.  You will need to continually harvest from the bushes so that the berries do not go bad.  You will want to pick them from the bush and place them into shallow plastic container only three berries deep.  Then, you should place them into a very cool area (approximately 33 degrees) to keep them fresh.  The quicker you do this, the better.  The berries can last for approximately seven days if you store them in the proper conditions.  If you are going to be making jelly or jam with your berries you should cook them as soon as possible or freeze them until you are ready to use them.