Raspberry Trellis

A Small Guide to a Raspberry Trellis

Having a raspberry trellis is something that you should consider if you are thinking about growing raspberries on your property.  The trellis is going to help keep your berries off of the ground and it is going to help train the vines.  There are both important things that you will want to accomplish when growing raspberries.

There are several different things that you can do with raspberries if you have them on your property.  You have the option of using them for pies and other desserts.  You can also use them for homemade juice or sauces when you are cooking any number of dishes. Many people will also freeze this fruit so that they have access to them in the winter months when they are not growing.  Because they are so versatile, you are going to want to keep them healthy and ripe at all costs.  A raspberry trellis will help you accomplish this.

When you are getting ready to build your raspberry trellis, you will want to make sure you have everything you need before you begin. You will need two posts that are the same size.  You want each post to have a wire coming off of it at a horizontal angle.  They need to be approximately 40 inches high in order to support your fruit.  You may also want to get a few extra posts that will help support your fruit as it begins to grow.  This is going to help you keep the raspberries up off of the ground.  This is the purpose of the raspberry trellis in the first place and the supports will just add to the support.

If you are looking for a raspberry trellis that is going to be easy to care for you will want to have one that only has three or four wires.  You will find that this is enough support and it really does make it easier to care for.  All you need to do is dig your holes for your posts and then wrap the wire around nails so that they will stay in place.  This is not very difficult if you know how to dig a hole and cut wire and it is very effective.

One thing that you really need to remember when you are making a raspberry trellis is that you need to treat the wood that you are using as posts.  You want to put something on them that will help protect them from the weather.  Treat these posts just like you would treat your deck.  You will be glad you did when the harsh temperatures from the fall and the winter begin to move in.  You do not want to rebuild the trellis each year so treating the posts is the best step you can take to prevent this.

If you are not interested in building your own raspberry trellis you can always begin searching the internet in order to find one that is already made.  You may be able to have something shipped to you so that you will simply need to construct it in your garden.  This may seem like the simple solution to you but it may be very expensive so you should consider your options carefully.  You also have the option of looking for directions and patterns online or in garden centers.  Many of these locations are going to have instructions on how to build the best trellis possible for your berries. However, if you are looking for quick and simple you simply need to find a way to hold your raspberries up off of the ground.