Repotting Orchids

Valuable Tips For Repotting Orchids

Repotting orchids is very important because they do not grow in dirt and they need their own potting mixture.  They will not be able to remain in the same mixture forever so you will eventually have to repot them in order to help them grow and live a long time.  If you have never done this before you may have a lot of questions.  Well, this article will supply you with some answers.

The first thing to remember about repotting orchids is that your orchid is going to need to be repotted every six months to every three years depending on what kind of orchid it is.  Something to keep in mind is that a younger plant is going to need to be repotted more than an older orchid.  If you purchase an orchid you are going to want to repot it just as soon as you get it.  This is going to help keep its roots from becoming damaged.  From that point on, you are going to want to repot while it is actively growing.  This is when it has new stems and new leaves beginning to form.  This is also when new roots are starting to appear.  By repotting at this time you are giving the orchids roots and opportunity to take hold of their new soil.

In order to prepare for repotting orchids you are going to need your orchid, a clean work space, a sterile tool to cut the plant, potting soil that has been mixed, cinnamon, different pots and supports that will help your plant remain stable.  So are you asking yourself why cinnamon?  This is because it is a natural way to keep fungus off of your orchid.  You want to make sure that you have sterile tools so that you are not passing any viruses or bacteria from one plant to another.  Rinsing the potting soil mix is important because it will get the soil wet and ready for planting.  This will keep your orchid from being shocked when you place it in the mixture.  It is recommended that you put all of the mix into a colander and run water through it.  You can then scoop it out of this and place it in the pot when you are ready for it.  It is often recommended that you use a clear pot when you are repotting orchids.  This is so that you can see the roots of the plant and you will be able to determine when it needs to be watered.  If the soil is dry it is not going to be dark in color rather it is going to look light gray.

Once you have the orchid out of the old pot you will want to look it over very carefully.  You are going to inspect it for bugs and insects.  You are also going to want to remove any roots that look damaged or black.  You will also want to rinse the roots off in lukewarm water.  Making sure that the roots are healthy is going to help ensure that your orchid is going to live longer and be healthier when it blooms.  Orchids are beautiful flowers and you want to keep them alive and healthy for as many years as possible.

Repotting orchids can be a very time consuming task that is necessary for their survival and growth.  If you do not have the time or the patience to repot your orchids like they need, you may not want to have this flower in your home.  There is no need to purchase an orchid and then let it die.  You can always ask a nursery for help if you are unsure about how to care for this plant appropriately.  This is better than watching it wither away.