Rose Glow Barberry

All About the Rose Glow Barberry

The rose glow barberry may be an accent that you should consider for your landscape.  These plants can be used for numerous different things such as hedges around your home or a simple addition to your garden.  They will eventually produce a small red fruit that will hang from its branches.  However, one of its most spectacular characteristics is the wonderful fall colors that it will produce.  It remains in bloom from the early spring to the winter months.


If you decide to have a rose glow barberry in your garden you will want to know that it is going to need occasional upkeep and maintenance.    It can be pruned at any time.  However, be aware of the fact that it can be spiny and it may cause you some pain if you grab it the wrong way.  Deer do not usually like this plant so you do not have to worry about it being eaten by them.  Remember that when you plant it you are going to want to select a location that allows for growth.  The rose glow barberry will be approximately 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide.  It can also be expected to live for approximately 20 years.  Therefore, make sure that you like the location you have selected so that you do not have to transplant it and risk damaging or killing it. It should also be planted in full to partial shade areas of your home.

When considering moisture and soil conditions you should know that this plant will tolerate some drought and a little salt.  It does tend to grow relatively well in dry soil.  The best types of soil are well drained, sandy or clay like.

Barberries have many uses.  They are used in landscape to hold and keep slopes and banks. Its berries are frequently used in making candles due to there wonderful smell. It is a fine ornamental for its foliage as well as fruit. It has a high concentration of berberine, which is a hormonal substance which has been known to have disease and infection fighting properties.  They are also used by naturopaths to treat dysentry. Ripe fruits may even be used to prepare tasty jellies.

There are also medicinal recommendations for the barberry.  The most common is for use against diarrhea or for help combating cholera.  It can even be used against fever, anemia and against hangovers for some people. It has also been found to have benefits against a number of infections including malaria or lung infections.  This is because it will control the secretions of the mucous membrane. It has a strong sedative effect as it will decrease someone’s blood pressure. Barberry may also be used by physicians as a way to help correct the growth of a patient’s spleen.

Please remember that using more than the recommended doses of this plant can result in numerous side effects.  Some of these will include nausea, vomit, dizziness, and convulsions.  You may also suffer from nosebleeds, kidney failure, swelling of the skin and eyes.  You may also suffer from a decrease in your blood sugar.  Any mixtures made from the crust of barberry are forbidden to children, pregnant women or women that are preparing to be who have started breastfeeding.

It seems very obvious that the rose glow barberry has many positive qualities.  Do you have room for one of these in your garden?  If you are interested in this beautiful plant you should contact your nearest garden center in order to find one.  Talk to an employee about your home, the location, the soil type, and the amount of sunlight available.  Have them explain to you how to get a quality life out of your plant.   Sometimes, plants can be expensive.  You do not want to damage it before it has a change to add character to your home.