Rosemary Seeds

A Quick Guide to Rosemary Seeds

Rosemary seeds are quite popular due to the attractiveness of the full-grown plant. The Latin name for this plant is Rosmarinus and this means ‘dew of the sea’.  There are many ancient stories and much folklore connected to this plant and people see it as symbolizing love and remembrance. In some countries as has been viewed as a memory enhancer and it was even used in the ancient Pyramids inside the mummy’s wrappings.  People in Australia and New Zealand wear rosemary on Anzac day to commemorate those lost in war. The plant is also a very popular ingredient for food. It is no wonder then with such a rich history that people still like to get rosemary seeds so as to have their very own plants.

There are different varieties of rosemary available. These will vary in colour and the direction in which they grow; some grow upwards and some more along the ground.  The original form of the plant is called the Rosmarinus Offincinalis. The original can grow quite tall so if you are after something a bit smaller then you might like to try one of the other types that offer differences in colour, size, and aroma. It is a good idea to have an idea about what you want prior to purchasing your rosemary seeds.

There are quite a few health benefits associated with Rosemary plant; in fact it has been used for treating many different conditions for thousands of years. It is seen as good for stimulating the hair follicles and can be used as a way to disinfect your mouth just like any other mouthwash. People also believe that it is good for the skin and may help with digestion. Essential rosemary oils, which are made from rosemary, are believed to cure baldness, reduce pain, improve the mind, and help with respiratory problems. Rosemary is also used in cooking in different parts of the Mediterranean. The demand for rosemary seeds has always been high due to all its uses, and this doesn’t seem likely to change.

If you purchase rosemary seeds then you can begin to grow your own stock of this versatile plant. This really is the ideal plant to start with if you are new to gardening because it doesn’t require too much looking after. A light limey soil is best because the plant doesn’t have to high a demand for nutrition and the less acidic soil makes the plants to be more fragrant. You can get away with using any soil though, so long as it is not too wet. It is considered best that you plant these seeds mid-spring; you put the rosemary seeds in pots with one seed per pot. When they reach about a foot tall you will then need transfer them to a bigger pot; prior to this you should avoid touching the roots of the plant.

If you are looking to use rosemary in food then having it available in your garden will be a great boon.  It takes a little while to grow, but with minimal effort from you there will be a nice fresh supply for you to use in your favourite dishes. When you pick it from your garden you should make sure to eat it within two days so as to get the best result. You can increase this storage time if you put the plant in the fridge. Rosemary adds a really unique flavour that many people just love; it is popular in stuffing and you will also find it a lot in Italian food.

So this has been a brief look at rosemary seeds and hopefully it will have given you something to think about.