Rosemary Tree

How to Decorate a Rosemary Tree

A rosemary tree is a very fragrant tree to have in your home.  It tends to have a smell very similar to pine and the leaves on the branches often resemble a pine tree.  Many people today have started decorating the rosemary tree as a way to celebrate the holidays and different special occasions.  It is definitely unique and it will be the talk of the party.  This article is going to explain some of the ways you can decorate this tree and make it festive for any occasion.

For starters, you are going to need to purchase your rosemary tree at a local store. They come in various sizes so you are going to need to determine what exactly you are going to want to do with it and where you are going to be placing it.  This is going to help you select the perfect size tree.  Once you have selected the tree and brought it home, you will want to take a good look at it and decide if you are going to want to trim it up at all.  You can give it a new shape if you would like to by simply cutting off some of the branches.  This is not hard to do if you take your time.  You can even use the trimmings to help season your food as you cook.

If you are going to be decorating your rosemary tree for Christmas you can begin by getting some very small lights to place on the tree.  You do not want anything very heavy because the branches of the tree are very thin and fragile.  You will string them on the tree just like you would do with your Christmas tree.  You will then need to find very small ornaments you can hang on it or you can use simple little bows that you can tie to the branches.  Just remember that you do not want anything really heavy on the rosemary tree because you do not want to break the branches.  You can even use a really pretty paper to cover the pot that your tree is in.

If you want to do something really special for a bridal shower or a wedding you could use the rosemary tree.  You would be able to use small white lights on the branches and you could use ribbon and bows that match the wedding to decorate the rest of the tree.  You may even want to use small doves or wedding bells on the tree to give a little more decoration.  This could become the door price at the bridal shower.  Many people would love to win this unique and interesting gift.  You may also want to consider using them as centerpieces on the tables at the wedding reception.

The rosemary tree can be decorated a number of different ways and for just about any holiday or season.  It serves many purposes as it smells good, can be used for cooking, and can be used as a unique decoration.  It is best to use your imagination and go with it.  You just need to remember to keep things light so that you are not harming the branches of the tree.  If you are considering using this as a way to decorate several areas, you may want to consider pricing the trees first.  If it is going to be too expensive, you may want to think about growing you own.  You can spend some time researching how to grow them and start the process on your own.  You will, however, want to know how long they are going to take to mature.  This is important so that you know you have enough time to grow them for your special occasion.