Rubber Tree Plant Care

Rubber Tree Plant Care Ideas

If you are thinking about keeping a rubber tree in your home or garden, rubber tree plant care is the next thing you will want to learn about. There is a children's song about the Ficus elastica or a rubber tree and most of us think of that song when we hear about this interesting plant. It states that an ant can't move a rubber tree plant. Well that may be true, but the rubber tree plant cannot only be moved but grown by humans. As long as they learn all about rubber tree plant care.

Rubber tree plants are perennials and they do resemble a rubber plant. They have over sized dark green leaves that have a vein texture. They can also be a lighter green color with golden or white coloring or an overall burgundy color throughout the leaves. They are a glossy plant that has no problems growing as long as they are given the correct rubber tree plant care.

These trees in the wild can reach up to 144 feet tall. They are not only an unusual and beautiful plant to look at but they are actually harvested for the making of plastic products. When this plant matures, incisions are made for the draining of its sap. The rubber tree is not harmed during this process and it is called rubber taping. The sap drained form this plant is used for making latex and it is converted into plastic and plastic products.

If you are interested in having a rubber tree plant in your garden, you must live in a warmer climate. This plant needs warmth and plenty of water and it cannot thrive where there is even a light frost. But people who do not live in a warmer climate can surely raise this plant indoors. The only problem with this is keeping the plant pruned to size. When it is healthy it will continue to grow and can reach any ceiling in no time. But no matter where you plan on keeping the plant there are some tips that you should follow.

Keep in mind while planting this tree that it can grow to an amazing 144 feet tall. You will have to place it in an area where it has plenty of room to grow. You should dig a large hole in the area where you would like it to be placed and make it big enough to cover all of the roots comfortably. You should spread the roots out and cover them with loose soil. Make sure that there are no large rocks or stones that can interfere or damage the roots.

The rubber tree likes to be in a warm area but it does not like direct heat. It should have a partial sun and shade mix. The perfect area for this is a place that receives sun in the morning and turns to shade as the day progresses. Too much heat can harm this plant.


This plant is considered to be very hearty but over watering could cause damage. It should be kept moist during its growing season. But when it goes dormant, you will only need to water the plant once a month. If you water this plant too much the leaves will turn yellow and start to fall off. Simply decrease watering until the normal coloring returns.

Rubber tree plant care includes pruning the plant. You can remove any branches that seem unsightly or brown and if you do not want this tree to grow out of control, you must keep it trimmed. Do this every few months until the plant is the right size. Remember never to prune more than 30% of any plant at one time.