Rubrum Lily

Tips For Growing the Rubrum Lily

Lilium speciosum or rubrum lily is a beautiful flowering plant. The buds or flowers have individual petals that are long and taper off on the ends. These petals are outlined in white and have a pink to burgundy tint. They also have a polka dot pattern of tiny freckle shaped burgundy spots. The seedlings are in the middle of the flower bud and extend outward. The seedling stems are a lighter yellow color and the tops of the seedlings are an orange color. But perhaps the most distinctive thing about the rubrum lily is its exceptional scent.




The rubrum lily can grow up to 6 foot in height. Its blooms appear during the late summer to early fall and can attract bees or birds to your yard. It is a perennial plant, which means it can be enjoyed for years to come with out replanting. These flowers can compliment any garden area and they are not difficult to maintain.

If you are thinking of growing the rubrum lily in your yard, they are a few things to consider. They are not a typical bordering plant but are a nice addition to any flower garden.

Before you plant any type of rubrum lily you will have to check your soil to make sure it has the right nutrients for these flowers. Although they are not hard to maintain, any type of lily prefers a well fertilized soil. His helps the plant produce bigger stronger flowers, so getting the right balanced soil is important. You can purchase a soil testing kit at any garden supply store. Once you have corrected any ph imbalance you can then plant your rubrum lilies.

It is a good idea to just purchase the rubrum lily bulb at your local nursery instead of starting this plant from seed. It is a bit more expensive but it insures that you have healthy ready to plant bulbs right away. You can put them in the ground in early spring. Space the bulbs a full foot apart from each other. They are taller flowers that do not spread out much. But the leaves are nestled between the flowers. So space them so that these leaves do not touch each other. You can set them in rows but do not place them on a raised surface.

These types of plants crave nutrients and plenty of water. Unlike some flowers that can be harmed by over watering, the rubrum lily plants thrive on it. So you will never have to worry about too much rain or wet weather. This is a perfect beginning flower plant because of this reason. Just remember to check the plants often and never let the soil go completely dry around the plant.


The rubrum lily requires full sunlight. They should be planted in an area that has little to no shade. This includes any lily plants you have inside your home. Since these plants need little attention and are easy to grow, many people use them as house plants. This is fine as long as they are placed in a window or around a door.

While growing the small buds, make sure to remove all of the weeds that form around these plants. Weeds can rob the lilies of water and nutrients and then they will not produce health flowers. But the biggest reason to remove weeds is the aphids that come along with them.

Aphids are tiny insects that can suck the life out of any plant and they love all types of lilies. They can cause extreme damage or even death to a plant and even infect it with certain viruses. Aphids also leave a gooey substance that attract ant and other unwanted insects. So make sure to remove all weeds promptly.