Sand Cherry Tree


Facts About The Sand Cherry Tree

The sand cherry tree is very beautiful and it has a wonderful color that will not fade.  Many people feel that it is easy to grow as it will grow in the sun or shade and it is very particular about its growing conditions.  It produces large blooms in the spring that add a fresh scent to the air.



The sand cherry tree can be considered an ornamental tree as well as a flowering tree.  It can grow to be seven to ten feet tall with a spread of five to seven feet when it is fully grown.  It does grow best in full sun to light shade conditions so remember that when you are selecting a place for it t to take root.  The soil needs to be very moist because this tree in not tolerant of drought conditions.  The shape of the tree is round and its leaves are reddish purple throughout the summer.  The flowers are light pink to white and they will usually bloom late April to early May.

This can be used as a plant that will provide splashes of purple in your garden or to the landscaping of your home.  Remember that this tree is very susceptible to diseases and pests.  However, you can still plan on it living for approximately 10 to 15 years.  The small fruit that is produced by the tree will attract many kinds of birds.  This may be a delight if you also enjoy watching the birds. Japanese beetles really like the purple leaf sand cherry.  Other bugs that may bother this tree include the peach tree borer, scale, the fall webworm, mealy bugs, aphids, and tent caterpillars.  The diseases that may affect this tree include verticillium wilt, black knot, honey fungus, powdery mildew, leaf spot, cankers, bacterial leaf scorch, and frost cracks.

When you decide to plant this tree you need to make sure that you are digging a hole that is big enough for it.  You want it to be two or three times the width of the rootball.  It also needs to be just as deep.  When it is placed in the ground, the top of the rootball needs to be level with the ground.  In order to get the tree out of its container you are going to wan to tap it on the ground.  Next, loosen the soil around the roots before you place it into the ground. 

Once you have placed it into the ground, you are going to add a small amount of soil in the hole to begin stabilizing the plant.  Then fill the hole with water and let it be absorbed.  You will fill the rest of the hole in with soil and add more water.  Finally, you should add mulch around the tree.  This will help the sand cherry tree hold in its moisture as it begins to take root and grow.  You do not want it to dry out before it has an opportunity to take root.  If you purchase the tree but you are not able to plant it quickly you are going to want to make sure that you keep it well watered so that it can survive and remain healthy until you do get it planted.

If you are interested in this tree, you will want to check your local flower shop or nursery to determine if they have it in stock.  If they don’t, you can always look on the internet.  This can often be a great place to purchase plants and trees.  Along with your purchase you can also research different ways to keep your plant healthy and free of diseases so that it can remain an asset to your home for a long time to come.