Satsuma Tree

A Quick Guide to the Satsuma Tree

The Satsuma tree is a very interesting fruit tree to plant.  There are several different types of these trees to select from but for the purpose of this article I will focus on the Satsuma plum tree.  I will explain to you how to plant this tree and how to care for it properly in order to get the best results necessary for the fruit it bears.

You will begin by selecting your Satsuma tree and finding a place to plant it. You will need to select a location that will give it plenty of room to grow nice and tall.  Many people will find a location that is right for their tree at the time they purchase it.  What you need to remember is that the tree may be small right now but it will eventually be very large.  You need to find a location that is not near any power lines so that it will be able to grow without touching the lines.  So, select a location that is out in the open.

Once you have found the best location you will need to call your local power company.  This is highly recommended so that you can determine if there are any power lines running under the ground.  Just because you can not see the lines does not mean they are not there. You never want to start digging unless you are certain that there are no power lines for you to hit.  If you hit a power line it can be deadly so you will want to call the company and check this first.

You will then dig your hole.  This hole needs to be three times the width of the root ball of the tree and it needs to be two times the height.  It is very important to make sure that the hole is the appropriate size so that the tree will have an opportunity to spread out and let its roots take hold.  This is the most important thing you can do to help your tree get the start it needs.  You will then place your Satsuma tree into the hole and fill it back in with dirt and sand.  The sand is really needed if the soil has a lot of clay in it.

You will want to move soil up around the trunk of the tree and make a dam with it. By doing this you are ensuring that the water is going to go down into the roots rather than falling off of the hill and running into the ground near the tree.  Your Satsuma tree will need a lot of water when you first plant it.  Therefore, you want to find an effective way to get the water down into the root system so that the tree will grow and spread its roots.

As you can see, planting the Satsuma tree is really not that difficult as long as you take the time to select the perfect location and you make sure you are digging in a safe area.  You really want to make sure that the location you have selected will provide your tree with enough space for it to grow and expand to its fullest potential.  This is really important because if the tree does not have enough space you will need to prune it.  Pruning your trees is not a bad idea but if you are pruning it too much you may damage the tree and your plums will not grow.  There is no sense in planting it if you are not able to enjoy the fruit that it is meant to bear.