Seedless Tomatoes

The New Seedless Tomatoes

Many people have been waiting for seedless tomatoes, especially those who are unable to eat seeds due to various medical conditions and allergies. It is hard to imagine having such a love for tomatoes but knowing that in order to eat them you must labor to remove all of the seeds; furthermore, missing one or two is simply not an option. Several people have suspected that the release of said seedless tomatoes would be announced within the near future, while others continue to dig out the seeds of their current tomatoes almost making eating them not worth the effort. However, the time has come for seedless tomatoes--yes, it is true! A company has made a hybrid version of the seedless tomatoes and is currently selling seeds to plant and grow your own right from your garden! Throughout the remainder of this article we will fill you in on all the details of these tomatoes as well as how to get them in your garden.

If you are like most people, your first question will be as follows: “How can you sell seeds to plant and grow a seedless product?” Well, you get these results by multiple attempts of trial and error. The final successful seed is actually a hybrid that has been coded genetically from two different types of tomatoes. The outcome of this hybrid is a tomato without seeds that is a bit sweeter than your typical tomato. Furthermore, as of 2009 the seeds are just now being marketed to the public, giving you complete access to growing these seedless vegetables. Those with medical issues preventing them from eating a tomato with seeds will not have to battle to enjoy the sweet juicy taste.

Many people may be skeptical of such tomatoes at first glance; however, know that they do definitely exist and for less than five dollars (for ten) you can have them on their way to your house for planting (see Burpee’s website for details). The seeds produce somewhere between eight to ten red tomatoes that are larger than a baseball according to the company; however, most claim that the seedless variety are a bit smaller than your average tomato. Nonetheless, these tomatoes have passed multiple taste tests with rave reviews and appear to be a bit sweeter to taste than your typical seeded tomato.

Despite the great reviews, it is essential to note that you will not yield these tomatoes until sixty-eight days after planting. However, if you prefer the plant itself, the company will be selling these plants during the spring season; however, there are five states that have laws preventing this action (not seedless tomato specific but in general). Nevertheless, despite the price and wait, they are highly resistant to most plant diseases, are great for those with colon problems or anyone just recovering from surgery, and are not allowed to consume seeds.

In conclusion, the rumor is definitely true—a company that has discovered the secret to producing seeds to grow tomatoes without seeds. These hybrid seeds cost about five dollars for ten, but prove to be extremely tasty with a dab of sweetness. Those with certain diseases and problems with their colon will no longer have to fight with seeds each time they wish to consume a tomato on their salad or on a sandwich. Instead, they will simply have to wait until their tomatoes right in their backyard are ripe and ready to be picked. Although sixty-eight days until they are ready may be discouraging to some, others revel in the fact that they no longer have to pick each seed out of their tomatoes before consumption. All in all, the seeds are available and during the spring the plants will be available to most states for purchasing.