Shrimp Plant

A Quick Guide to the Shrimp Plant

The shrimp plant is a flower that was given its name because many people think it looks like a shrimp.  This plant will grow very well in drought conditions and does not need to be moved out of full sunlight.  It is very easy to care for and is enjoyed by many people who love house plants because of this.  This article is going to answer some very common questions that are often asked about this plant.

First of all, you can propagate this plant.  You will want to do this in the springtime buy taking small cuts from just below the node.  You will then take off any leaves that are towards the bottom half of the plant and place it into a pot.  You are going to place it into a purchase cutting mix.  You will want the humidity to be above 65 degrees and you will want to avoid direct sunlight at first.   You are going to want to avoid giving it fertilizer until the shrimp plant begins to take root.  Because this may take more than one try, you may want to attempt to propagate more than one flower.

Second, you can always trim the flower.  You may want to do this if the plant is not very bushy and only one flower is continuing to grow very tall.  You can also attempt to give the flower more sunlight to help it grow once it has been trimmed.  A fertilizer may also be given to the shrimp plant.  Once you do all of these things, you are going to want to wait until the spring to watch it begin blooming again.  It may take a while for the plant to get use to this treatment.

Third, you can plant the shrimp plant in a bed that also includes perennials.  It is going to bloom most of the year (if you live in warmer climates) and it is going to provide you with beautiful color in your garden.  You may want to consider using this flower as a way to add color to your homes boarder or even along pathways and sidewalks.  As previously mentioned, if you are going to use this in the garden, you are going to want to keep it trimmed.  This is going to help it grow in more of a bush form rather than straight up.  If you live in a location that has cold winters, you may want to plant the shrimp plant in a pot or a planter.  Doing so will allow you to bring it indoors when it starts getting cold outside.  This will help keep the plant alive through the winter so you can take it back outside in the spring.

Finally, how to you plant it so that it will survive and thrive?  Well, you are going to want to select a location at your home that will get full morning sun.  You also want to be sure that the soil is going to drain well.  You will want to dig down approximately two or three inches.  You want to dig separate holes for each plant and you want them to be two or three feet apart from each other.  This gives your plant room to get bushy as it grows.  Even though this plant can tolerate drought like conditions, you will want to keep it watered very well until it has taken root and started growing.  Be sure to add a fertilizer one time a month just like you would for all of your other plants.

This plant is very easy to care for and it low maintenance if you live in a tropical area where it can bloom all year.  It is very colorful and will spread nicely to add elegance to your home.  Take time to figure out the best place for this plant in or around your home.  Talk to someone at your local nursery to see what they think of the plant.  You may find out that is your favorite flower in your precious garden.