Single Pink Rose

Thoughts On The Single Pink Rose

The single pink rose can convey one of several meanings. The same can be said for other colors or roses, or for other types of flowers. We may give a bouquet of beautiful flowers as a thank you, or as a gift when invited for dinner, or simply to help brighten someone's day. Flower types as well as colors can convey certain meanings, sending a specific message through a non-verbal language.

We are all familiar with a "dozen red roses" as a symbol of love, romance, or simply communicating the fact to someone that you are interested in them, the "you" generally being a man, and the recipient a woman. In some ways though, a single rose conveys a more powerful message. A single rose in a small vase or phial carries with it a sense of poetry or elegance. A single rose conveys as sense of perfection or achievement. And a single pink rose, perhaps the epitome of elegance, can convey a number of meanings. Pink roses have long been the subject in paintings, from the masters to contemporary artists such as April Moseley, Claire Ruby, Christopher Johnson (photography), and British artist Sian Hopkinson.

A Taste Of Floriography - The meanings assigned to the colors of flowers in general and roses in particular are thought to have originated in the east, most likely in Persia. These meanings eventually took root in Europe and from there were adopted in the Americas. The study of the meaning different flower colors may convey is called floriography. As far as roses are concerned, a white rose is a symbol of purity and innocence, hence their popularity in wedding bouquets. A single white rose expresses purity of love, but can also carry a message of apology and a desire for forgiveness, or can indicate jealousy! The message behind yellow roses is one of happiness with an existing relationship, while peach roses are indicative of friendship. Red roses of course almost always symbolize love, and not necessarily only romantic love.

Shades Of Pink - If you were to send someone a single pink rose it would more than likely come from a florist, and quite possibly would be sent along with a small vase of phial. The chosen type would more than likely be one of the hybrid teas, as they tend to hold their shape better than either the floribunda or grandiflora types. Be aware that different shades of pink can convey different meanings, though there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing "just pink" to express gratitude or appreciation. It is the nicest of the "thank you” or "thank you for being you" colors. If you want to get a little more technical though, the darker pink shades are usually those selected to show gratitude, while medium pink roses are given to express either sympathy or admiration. A single pink rose of a lighter, or blush shade signifies gentleness and grace, or a sense of quiet joy. Whatever the shade, and whether you give a bouquet of pink roses or a single pink rose, regardless of the intended message, roses make people feel special. There is no doubt about that.

If You Grow Your Own - If you grow your own roses, the selection of available pink rose varieties is very large, as the color has been around forever and is usually considered the most popular color in the rose garden. If you want a hybrid tea, consider the "Lady Diana", a light pink rose, or “First Lady", named after Jacqueline Kennedy. One of the largest of the pink hybrid teas is "Moonstone" which has a bloom that can be 6" across. That may be too large to convey a sense of elegance, or it may not. There is also the old standby, "American Beauty". Any one of these, with a nod being given to American Beauty or First Lady, would be a good choice for the gift of a single pink rose.