Single White Rose

All About the Single White Rose

If you are thinking about giving someone a single white rose you may be curious about the meaning of white roses. The traditional meaning of the white rose is purity and innocence, but today the meaning of the white rose has evolved to mean honor and respect, along with purity and innocence.

White roses are a popular gift when a couple has just started dating, or as a celebration of new love. Part of the symbolism of these roses is in their color; white has always symbolized pureness, and all that is new and unspoiled. Sending someone a single white rose is a perfect way to tell them that the emotion you feel is pure and from the heart.

The meaning of red roses is very different than that of white roses; although the symbolism of the red rose is one of love, there is also a message of passion. When you send someone a single white rose you are conveying the messaging of everlasting love and devotion. The elegance and symbolism of the white rose has made it a very popular flower for weddings, as well as anniversaries and funerals.

White roses are very popular for weddings due to what the white rose symbolizes for this type of occasion. When white roses are using for a wedding it is a symbol of a new beginning and an innocent and fresh love. The color white became a popular color for weddings in 1840 when Queen Victoria wore a white wedding gown and used white flowers in your bridal bouquet. From the time of Queen Victoria’s wedding until modern times, the white wedding has become a loved tradition among brides. When a bride carries a bouquet of white roses or a single white rose on you wedding day it is signifying that her undying love and devotion for you husband to be. If you want to signify your everlasting love and loyalty, you can do this with white roses.

The white rose is also a flower that is used for funerals. White roses signify the purity of heaven and innocence of your loved one’s memory that will live on forever. A bouquet of white roses are beautiful and they are a way to pay tribute to those who have left this life for the next and your undying love for that person. Sending white roses to a funeral or the family of the deceased is a loving and appropriate gesture.

Because of the symbolic purity of the white rose, it has long been a preferred flower for a variety of church ceremonies. These flowers are often used in baptism ceremonies because of the association with new beginnings and spiritual purity.


There are several special occasions where a single white rose or a bouquet of white roses would be a great gift. When you give white roses to someone special on Valentines Day or an anniversary it will make them feel special. With so many special meanings associated with a white rose, the person you are giving it to will feel loved and appreciated.

The love associated with the white rose began in Greek mythology and the Goddess of love, Aphrodite, giving this flower a mystical beginning. When you give someone a single white rose you are telling far more than what you ever could with words.

If there is an occasion where you feel you need to convey your feelings of love and devotion, there is no better way to do this than by giving someone a single white rose or a bouquet of white roses. With this single gesture you will be telling them of your love, loyalty, and the purity of how you feel about them.