Small Flowering Trees

A Quick Guide to Small Flowering Trees

Small flowering trees like all plants and trees have special needs. These vary depending on the tree and the environment that it belongs to.  A lot of lowering trees are also fruit providing trees although sometimes the fruit like pods are inedible and they’re only purpose is to carry on the seed.

The prune tree for example is can be small and excellent for a garden, it blooms beautifully for a season and then gives nice purple fruit that may be somewhat disguised by its branches that can sometime match in color with the fruit. Apricot and nectarine trees can branch out to large trees but because of their wonderful fruits it is almost always trimmed and pruned to stay somewhat small to medium size so that the fruit can be of reach. Like the prune tree, apricot and nectarine trees bloom very beautiful little flowers before giving fruit.

Typically when speaking of small flowering trees people have a tendency to think of cherry blossom trees. These great little trees make beautiful garden additions where climate permits it. They are so popular that it is one of the few trees often drawn and printed on merchandise.

Pear, orange and lemons trees grow to very large sizes but the flowers are small and fragrant for many seasons before the trees become large, trimming and pruning can help control the size of these types of trees. The flowers are not only pretty and precedent to fruit but they give a delicious smell to your garden and a great job for bees everywhere. Some fruit trees can be specially bred to be of ornamental value but still produce edible fruit.

Small flowering trees have flower blooming seasons, they do not bloom year round.  Trees are lower maintenance than regular flowers so keeping flowering trees is an easy way to have both with minimal work. Trees require watering, sunlight some fertilizing with compost or treated soil, and occasional checks for insects or underground critter that may eat roots.

Dogwoods and crabapples are some of the most known and popular small flowering trees, but there are also some that are less common but just as beautiful like the Japanese snowbell which blooms during June. It’s a small flowering tree that has beautiful drooping flowers, like the name implies snowbells have white bell like flowers.

The golden rain tree like the name implies has yellow droplets that bloom within the trees leafs contrasting its vibrant green leafs.  Flowering dogwoods have pink or white flowers and these can be a bit sensitive to climate thriving only when it’s prime and not blooming at all the following season if not watered properly. Crabapples vary in size and in shape as well as color, pink, white and red.

The best type of small flowering tree is not really a species but what type will thrive in your climate. Speaking to people who own trees you like, speaking to a gardening expert from your local gardening supply store. Search online for potential predatory insects and birds and take the required precautions to prevent your trees from becoming a target and no longer a part of your garden. If you own plenty of flowering trees or have a lush garden it’s a good idea overall to know basic maintenance or to hire someone who does. Keeping a beautiful garden with trees and plants that are local to you helps your environment and promotes others to do the same as they will envy how beautiful your home can be when accentuated with a spectacular garden.