Spanish Onions

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Spanish Onions

Whether you are a caterer, chef, or someone that is simply fond of cooking, Spanish onions are a wonderful addition to your kitchen pantry. If you are looking for tasty onion varieties with a long shelf life and plenty of flavor, you can’t go wrong with adding Spanish onions to your shopping list.

Basic Information

Spanish onions are among the largest, mildest tasting and best looking onions available in grocery stores and farmers markets today. Many chefs and caterers prefer using these onions because their large size means that there is less peeling and prepping involved. In addition to this, their sweet and mild flavor makes them more palatable to hungry customers that may not normally like the sharp taste of other onions.

These onions are available in three colors: red, yellow, and whites. Each color option also has a variety of size categories that you can choose from. Red and white varieties of onions range in size from 1 and ¾” to more than 3” in diameter. Yellow onions, on the other hand, have colossal and super colossal size ranges that go upwards of 4 and ¼” and higher.

In addition to this, most Spanish onions can keep for longer than a month in a cool dry environment. Even after chopped, if you properly store these onions in a sealable bag, you can enjoy them fresh for up to a week.

How to Choose the Best Ones at the Store

You would be hard pressed to find a grocery store or market that didn’t have a decent variety and selection of Spanish onions. They are incredibly popular and always in high demand. Unless you live in a very small and remote town, you should feel confident that your store will have a good amount of these onions.

It’s not difficult to choose a good Spanish onion at the grocery store. When you find the right color and size you want, begin looking for any onions that have green shoots. Onions with green shoots are to be avoided. You should also be sure to stay away from any onions with blemishes on them. Go for the best quality if at all possible.

Versatility in Cooking

These onions are exceptionally good in many different dishes and types of food. Whether you prefer your food raw or if you like to slow cook everything, these onions lend themselves to almost any recipe calling for an onion of some type.

Spanish onions are a popular choice for many salad-like dishes. This is partially because of their mild flavor, but also because they blend well with other salad veggies, particularly tomatoes. All you need to do is chop up your desired amount and enjoy.


Stir-fried recipes are another type of food that really lets these onions sing. Their mild, sweet flavor blends well and is enhanced by the cooking method. Essentially, any recipe that calls for mild onion flavor will benefit from these onions.

How to Prepare and Cook Them

To chop or slice these onions, you need to begin by cutting a thin slice from the very top. Once you’ve done this, peel the skin away and be sure to remove any soft outer layers; you want the firm meat. Instead of chopping off the root, use it to hold onto the onion while you continue slicing the desired amount.

A common way to cook these tasty root vegetables is to fry them. If you’d like to fry them, chop or slice some up and add them to a frying pan with one tablespoon of hot olive oil. Stir them occasionally while you let them cook for up to 10 minutes.