Spike Plant

Understanding the Spike Plant

The spike plant was a common house plant for numerous years.  However, it can grow outdoors as well.  It is actually becoming very popular in gardens because the tall, spike like leaves add a lot of height and depth to the garden area.  You are going to find that the leaves on the plant may add some color to your garden as well because they may be white or pink.

When you plant the spike plant you are going to want to put it into a pot or the ground and add peat-moss and compost.  This is very important to help the plant grow appropriately.  They are going to need some shade if it is extremely hot outside.  However, if it is really cool outside they can grow in full sun.  You will need to keep it watered.  You will want to use a fertilizer that is water soluble throughout the year as well.  It is easy to see that this plant is going to need a lot of fertilizer.

This plant will usually survive for a very long time.  If you place it in a planter and keep it outside, you may want to bring it indoors in the winter time when it begins to get very cold outside.  You will be able to keep it in the house until the weather begins to get nice outside again.  This plant can become very large so you may want to plant it outside to begin with.  This is going to give the plant plenty of space for it to grow and reach new heights.  If you are looking for something that is going to get large and add depth to your garden, then this is the way to go because it can reach over twenty feet tall!

This plant is not really a bad plant to have in the home because it does not really have any diseases that may affect it or the people around it.  You will want to watch for spider mites because the spike plant can attract them from time to time.  You will need to talk to someone at the nursery or look online in order to determine how you can get rid of the spider mites if you are noticing them.  However, keep in mind that these are actually very rare.

If your plant was in the garden and you would like to bring it inside so that it will live until the following year there are a few simple things that you are going to want to keep in mind to ensure that it is going to survive until next year.  First of all, you are going to need to place it into a pot and stop giving it fertilizer in September.  You will then need to bring it inside.  You will want to keep it watered and be sure that you are doing this at least every other week.  You can also spend time separating baby plants off of the full plant.  You will plant the baby roots and sprouts into a new container.  Be sure to use the peat-moss and the fertilizer when you do this.

Keep in mind that if you are going to be replanting and repotting the spike plant, the size of the plant will depend on the size of the container that you place it into.  The plant is going to get larger if it is in a large pot because it will have plenty of room to grow and expand.  You can plant it into a large pot and let it continue to grow throughout the winter so that it will be large when you take it back to the garden in the summer.