Stephanotis Flower

All About The Stephanotis Flower

The bridal veil or stephanotis flower is usually used in a woman’s marriage bouquet. It is one of the most fragrant flowers in the world but it known for its breath taking beauty. Its stems are thicker and the foliage and leaves are a deep green color. The tiny fragrant buds turn into star shaped, white or purple flowers and they resemble lilacs. The stephanotis flower is a symbol of marital happiness.

This beautiful flower originated in Madagascar and is sometimes referred to as the Madagascar jasmine. It is an evergreen type plant and it can grow up to fifteen feet. It will bush out to two or three times the height. It is a vine and can be trained to grow almost anywhere. It is a perennial but it also hates the cold weather. If left outside during the winter months, the plants will die. So you can only grow the stephanotis flower in a warm climate.

If you live in an area where the temperature does not go below fifty degrees this is a perfect climate for this type of plant. If you live in a cooler climate, you can keep this plant in a potted container with in the home. Either way with a bit of care you can have some beautiful stephanotis flower plants.

If you will be placing them outside put them in an area where they have a lot of room to grow. These vines are persistent and can take over a garden area. So make sure you give them ample room to grow. To avoid their root system taking over other flower plants, you can use a wire metal mesh to plant around the flower plants. This way the roots cannot spread out and do any damage. You can also prune the plant back by cutting it in steps over a period of time.

If you are placing them in the home, they must be put by a window that receives plenty of sun light. In the garden area they can be either placed in an area with full or partial sun. But they must receive at least six hours of strong sunlight a day. A bit of shade is also good for this plant. It helps the flowers stay white and healthy. You will also have to make sure that these tall plants are not blocking sun to other plants in your garden.

These stephanotis flower loves water. But you must be careful not to saturate the root system. These plants can wither up and die if they receive too much water, so make sure the area you place them in has good drainage.

If you are worried about your indoor stephanotis flower plants, you can simply use a potted container with holes on the bottom of it. This lets the plant drink what it needs and any other water drains through the bottom. Just make sure to have a way to catch that extra water and keep it away from floors or carpeting.

You should add a fertilizer or compost to the soil before planting your new flowers, especially if you will be placing them outdoors. Although these plants can do alright with out any extra nutrients, the fertilizer can be beneficial to the plant. For instance, it is recommended that you use manure or fertilizer strictly for the flowers. This gives the plant the boost it needs to produce healthy, pretty flowers in abundance. This is not only a good idea for a stephanotis flower but it can also make the other plants in your garden appear healthier and more beautiful.