Stomping Grapes

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Stomping Grapes

As long as people have been making wine they have been stomping grapes. The reason that it has been so favored over other methods is that it really is the best way of getting the juice out of the grapes.  You foot is far more sensitive than a machine and it can quickly work out where the clumps are and stamp these out. The only real advantage that machines have over using a human is that machines can do the whole thing a bit faster and a bit more hygienically. Some regions of the world have tried to prohibit stomping grapes, but it seems unlikely to completely die out any time soon; it is just so effective and more importantly it can be a bit of fun too.

Stomping grapes might seem a little unhygienic to a lot of us. After all, this is people’s feet we are talking about here and who knows where these feet have been. What if the person has some foot disease or doesn’t take care of their feet properly. Maybe they haven’t washed their feet in weeks and have just taken off a pair of smelly socks. The idea of all this is enough to turn you off drinking wine for life; or at least those bottles that you know have been made using grapes crushed by human feet.  It is because of these worries that many places have now halted the use of feet; although others will insist that it is very hygienic and people will always at least wash their feet and be foot disease free; or at least most of the time.

Even though some places in the world are banning stomping grapes there are other places that are really encouraging it. In fact it is so popular that you can now go on holidays that are based around doing just this; although you learn a bit about the rest of the process of making wine. As well as holidays there are even festivals dedicated to this art. At these festivals you can find people paying for the privilege of getting their feet covered in grape juice.  You will also find competitions to establish the most enthusiastic stomper and other such high achievers. In fact stomping is almost turning into a sport with people becoming champions and managing wonderful feats while bouncing around.

One of the reasons why stomping grapes is still so popular might be to do with the fact that it may have health benefits. It is good exercise for one thing and gives the toes a complete workout. It is also good because stomping around in a barrel is a good way of working of all that stress and anxiety that can build up in the body. At the very least is a nice way to spend the afternoon and meet new people, but is hard to imagine the types of conversations these people have as they stomp around inside a barrel.

Stomping grapes certainly has its detractors, but the number of fans of this activity seems to be on the rise with people even willing to pay to be allowed to do it. It all seems like a bit of harmless fun and for those who worry about tasting someone’s feet in their mouth you will find that most wines now use boring machines. If you are interested in trying the activity out for yourself there are now plenty of places offering it around the world; a quick internet search will put you in touch with these. If you just can’t wait and want to know more about stomping grapes today, then you might find that one of the many videos available online will help.