Succulent House Plants

All You Need to Know About Succulent House Plants

What comes to mind when you hear about succulent house plants? Succulent normally means juicy or rich in moisture, well that’s exactly what this means for plants as well. Succulent plants are those that retain water. One of the most popular examples of a succulent type of plant is the cactus.




They make great indoor and outdoor plants because they are not as high maintenance as other plants. Succulent house plants can range in size, color and type.  These plants retain water in their “flesh” like leafs or roots and or pockets.

These types of plants live in the desert and are very hearty to climate change. They normally withstand very high temperatures during the day and very low temperatures in the winter’s night.

This is a great first time plant for a novice gardener as they are easy to care for. They are very low maintenance, being watered occasionally and do not require too much pruning. When keeping succulent house plants it is important to know that they require sunlight, keeping them around windows, patios or porches is a good idea.

They live a very long time and can be self sufficient when you are out on vacation or sick. They retain water at every watering and self feed for days at a time. To water them you must wait for the soil to be dry before you water again. Over watering can cause some rotting and fungus that will debilitate and kill your succulent house plant.

Not all of these are spiny and thorny, but be careful with ones that are. Some of the most popular aside from cacti are aloe-vera and agavae. Aloe vera is used for lotions, sun burn relief and health supplements. Agave is harvested to make the well known alcoholic drink tequila.

Succulent house plants have the properties of propagation. This simply means that by taking a piece of a succulent plant and replanting with careful method you can make more succulent plants from one. You can buy one and help spread it around pot by pot or buy a large pot and spread the plant within that space. Finding a good book or tutorial can benefit you in finding better way to take care of your newfound house plant.

Because of its great simplicity these make great house plants and office plants. Office plants often dry up over weekends of long breaks, with succulent house plants this is not a problem. If there is a concern about thorns in the workplace consider succulent houseplants that are not thorny. Some of them are uniquely shaped like artichokes; others are smooth and produce beautiful blooms.


As with any plant making sure your plants are insects and fungus free is very important. For succulents ensuring proper drainage of water is very important as well.  These plants are not all cacti and aloe vera. There are also colorful and flowery succulent plants. Some of them have droplet like leafs or peculiar shapes and colors.  Elegant Lady is a brightly colored flowered succulent plant, Crème de menthe is also flowered succulent plant that is creamed colored as the name implies. Crown cactus is a small round cactus with a crown of flowers that grows around it, very beautiful and the flowers protect a little against its thorns.  Crown of thorns is also a very attractive but thorny succulent plant.

Over all succulent house plants make the best first time plant and low maintenance plant, if succulents are used outside as primary landscape plants the owner should expect to save tons of money on watering alone.