Sweet Autumn Clematis

All About the Sweet Autumn Clematis

The sweet autumn clematis is a white colored, single blooming flower that lets off a very nice fragrance when it is planted in your garden.  If you are interested in learning more about this flower and its needs then this is the article for you.  You will get some very detailed yet brief information about this flower.  You will be able to determine if this is the best flower for your garden.

When you are deciding where to plant sweet autumn clematis you will want to select a location that is going to give your plant full to partial sun.  It is going to bloom in the late summer and early fall months so you will want to keep that in mind when selecting a location as well.  You may not want to place it in the garden with all of your roses and other flowers that are going to bloom at the beginning of the summer.

This flower is going to need to have plenty of space between it and other flowers.  I recommend that you leave approximately 12 inches between it and other plants when you do decide where you would like it to be located.  Something else that you will want to keep in mind is that all parts of this flower are poisonous if it is eaten.  Therefore, you will not want to place it in a location that is going to be bothered by small children or pets.  If you do have small children in the area, you will want to make sure that they understand the dangers of this plant.  It may be a good idea to wash your hands when you are finished touching it.

There are a few pros and cons related to the sweet autumn clematis that you should be aware of.  First of all, it can take over your garden and it may overtake other plants.  For example, if you have it planted near a honeysuckle plant, it may grow into it and smother its beauty.  It also has a tendency to grow out into the yard and it will grow up trees. You may have a difficult time managing it and controlling it.  So, if you are looking for a vine to grow and simply admire, this may not be the best plant for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a vine flower that is going to grow fast and help hide hideous eye sores like a building or a fence, this may be a good option for you.  You also have the benefit of its sweet smell when it is blooming.  It is very hardy and if you do not disturb the area that it is growing in, it will continue to grow and bloom each year.  Remember that is does need plenty of sunshine in order to help it bloom.  It seems that without the sun, you may not get to see the white blooms that it produces.

While the sweet autumn clematis can be a very invasive plant, if you take the time to care for it by pruning it, you can have a really beautiful vine.  There are negative aspects of this plant but if you really enjoy gardening and you can spend the necessary time to train it and keep it where it belongs, you will be very pleased.  You will not need to fertilize it.  Be sure to simply keep it watered.  If you do decide to plant the sweet autumn clematis, be sure that you give it a space of its own.  This is going to decrease any likelihood of it overtaking other plants.