Transplanting Bamboo

Tips For Transplanting Bamboo Appropriately

Transplanting bamboo may be something that you are interested in if you believe that it is lucky and you want to have some in your home.  This is often used in a feng shui setting if you want to bring balance and peace to your home.  It is most important to complete this task appropriately so that your bamboo will remain healthy and survive.  This article is going to look at how to transplant bamboo appropriately to complete the above task.

Transplanting bamboo may not need to take place at all if you do not see any roots coming out of the bottom of the container that it is already in.  It is important to understand that bamboo often likes being in tight spaces and this is where it is going to grow the best.  Because of that, you are not going to transplant it unless you notice that the roots are hanging out of the bottom of the planter.

If you see the roots, and you determine that it is time for a change, you are going to find a pot that is approximately two inches larger than the current container that it is in.  Remember that you want to keep it in a tight space.  Therefore, you do not want to select a pot that is any larger than two inches.  If you give your bamboo too much space, it is not going to grow well at all.  Once you have selected the pot that you are going to use you will need to determine if you are going to be transplanting bamboo plants into soil, rocks, or sand.  This is a personal preference and it is totally up to you.

Now that you have made all of the important decisions, you are going to need to drain the water, soil, rocks, etc. off of the bamboo that is going to be transplanted.  You will tip the plant slightly and hold on to the stocks carefully so that they are not broken.  You will also tug on it lightly in order to remove it from the container that it is already in.  Be sure that you do not pull on it very hard because you do not want to break any of the roots attached to the bamboo plant.  You may find that you are going to need to tip the plant over completely in order to get it out.  However, be sure to hold the stocks firmly so that the plant does not fall onto the floor.

If you will be transplanting bamboo from soil to water or rocks you are going to want to rinse off any loose soil that is on the plant.  You do not want this soil to remain in the new container.  Take a few extra minutes to clean the roots off before placing it into the new container.  Then, place the bamboo into the new container and water it.

As you can see, transplanting bamboo is not very difficult at all.  You do need to take some time so that you do not harm the stocks of the plant or the roots.  These are the two things that you need to be the most concerned with.  If you damage these things you may hurt the chances of your plant surviving the transplant.  This would defeat the purpose.  If you do not feel comfortable doing this on your own you can always ask someone to help you.  You can have someone hold the plant while you remove it.  You could even call a local nursery and ask them if they could walk you through the process the first time.  This may make you feel more comfortable and help you succeed at transplanting bamboo.