Tree Cutting Equipment

The Different Types Of Tree Cutting Equipment

If you have any trees that surround your property that need to be cut down, you will have to find out what type of tree cutting equipment you will use. This all depends on what you are trying to do. If you only need to trim some branches or small twigs you can use a hand held branch trimmer. But if you need to remove hundreds of trees you will of course need something entirely different.

Another important issue is whether or not you will be using the cut wood. If you will be using it for fire wood or to sell, you will need other types of tree cutting equipment. There are many to choose from and the costs can also vary.

The biggest of all types of tree cutting equipment is the tree saw. This saw is made by different companies but when it comes to how it works they are all pretty similar. Tree saw are vehicles that resemble a large fork lift. They have a small compartment where the driver sits and controls the vehicle. The compartment is covered with clear plastic windows and they also serve as protection from flying debris. Out side of the tree saw, in the front of the vehicle is a tree cutting device. It is usually a multi poled, ladder shaped metal pole with a big saw on the end. Instead of it being a chain type saw the bigger blades go around in a circle. They are thick and powerful and this saw blade can remove hundreds of trees in a matter of hours. They are great for removing acres of trees.

Even though you may have a tree saw, you will still need a chain saw. The chain saw can also cut a tree completely down or just trim branches. But using a chainsaw takes longer to do this. Even with five men operating a chainsaw all day, there is no way to match the strength of a tree saw. But if you are using the wood for your fireplace or to sell as firewood, you must use a chainsaw to cut the wood into smaller pieces. You can also use a chain saw to remove dead twigs and branches and to prune a tree.

If you have to prune a normal sized tree then a chainsaw works fine. But if the tree is larger in size you may want to get a pole tree pruner. These pruners are safer then using a chainsaw and you can avoid an accident. Many people are injured every year climbing up trees to prune branches. The combination of climbing too high with a sharp saw blade in hand is dangerous. These pole pruners are an exceptional type of tree cutting equipment because they are safe and very accurate.

If you have animals that need bedding or you are trying to keep a garden area weed less you can use a wood chipper. Wood chippers cut the wood into little pieces and you can use them for just about anything. They can take smaller branches and leaves and cut them down to size so that you can remove them or use them at a later date. Not only can you use them for weed control but they also give your garden area a neater appearance. They can be used for fragrant woods like cedar. You can place the cedar shavings anywhere that needs a fresh smell. This can be around a dog house or in a small animal’s cage. Wood chippers are a great way to minimize your wood and excess branches and leaves.