Trumpet Plant

Interesting Information on the Trumpet Plant

The trumpet plant is a beautiful flower that would make a wonderful addition to your garden.  The very interesting thing about this plant is that it will open its blooms late in the day, towards evening, and they remain open until the sun begins to come up the following morning.  They smell very good when the blooms are open and this just adds to the amazing beauty that they possess.  However, it is very important to keep in mind that they are toxic so you may want to keep them away from animals and small children.  If you are interested in this plant, you should continue reading to learn more information about them.

If you are going to be planting the trumpet plant from a seedling you should know that you should not touch the seed with your bare hands.  The liquid inside of the seed is toxic and you should always wear gloves when you are handling them.  You will want to plant them in an area that is damp and cool.  A location that gets warm sun during the day and has cool evenings is generally best for this plant.  You will also need to remember to keep the plant watered on a regular basis so that they flowers will bloom in the evenings.

If you have a trumpet plant in your garden, or you are considering getting one, you will need to be sure that you are working to keep it healthy.  It is important to remember that the leaves on the trumpet plant are very fragile and they may break.  You are also going to want to place some type of a support structure behind the plant to help hold it up during storms and strong winds.  You do not want it to be knocked over and broken.  You will also need to give it water and fertilizer.  Any type of fertilizer will do.  If you are able to move the plant, you may want to consider doing so when the day is extremely hot.  You may want to move the plant to an area that is going to give the plant a little bit of shade for a few hours.

Another interesting fact about the trumpet plant is that it can have the same effects as a narcotic or a hallucinogenic drug.  There have been people in the past that have eaten it or smoked the plant for these effects.  However, as previously mentioned, this plant is toxic.  It is the dosage of this plant that actually makes it toxic.  Therefore, if the incorrect amount of the plant is taken into the body it could kill the person who consumed it.  This may be hard to explain to some people that think they understand what they are doing with the plant.  But, it is just like anything else.  You are risking your health and your life if you are going to try to consume it.

The trumpet plant can be a wonderful addition to your garden if you are able to care for it and take precautions related to its toxicity.  This may not be the best plant to have in your home or garden if you have animals or small children that are going to be able to touch the plant.  You can always talk to someone in the nursery about what they would recommend to keep pets and family safe if you are going to have the plant in your garden.  You may also want to keep the plant labeled in some way so that people realize it is poisonous.  This may keep others from touching it when they see it.