Tulip Care

Valuable Tips For Tulip Care

Tulip care should not be taken lightly if you are growing these beautiful flowers in your garden.  You are going to want to know what you should be doing to help them show their awesome beauty.  Many people enjoy these flowers each year in their gardens but it is not without proper care.  If you are new to this process you will really enjoy this article because it can help you get started.

You will begin your knowledge of tulip care by learning how to prepare the bed for your flowers.  First, make sure that you have a soil that will drain well.  You can make the soil better by adding some peat moss to it.  Many people recommend that you have two pounds of peat moss per square inch of your garden.  Take a spade and begin turning the first ten of inches of topsoil so that it is loose.  You will then form it into a dome shape that will have a point in the center of it.  This allows for proper drainage for your tulips.  Some people will even place bricks around the dome to help keep all of the dirt and soil where it should be.  Many people will do this approximately five to six inches apart from each other.

You will plant your tulip bulbs before October 15th and before the first hard frost.  This is in the fall but you do not want to plant them to early.  You will then dig a hole in the dome that you created and add one tablespoon of bone meal for fertilization.  Next, you will place the tulip bulb the hole with the pointed side up.  Then cover the bulbs back up.  Proper tulip care requires that you water them until the soil is very moist.  Cover the soil with mulch that will help keep the moisture in.  Be sure to water your flower in the spring before it blooms and also be sure to continue watering after they bloom.  Tulips do not do well in dry conditions so it is important to water them when you are going through a dry spell.

Once your tulip is done growing you are going to want to do a few things.  First of all, you can leave the bulb in the ground for next year.  However, do not continue to water it throughout the summer.  You do not want it to waste any energy because it needs to produce a large bulb for next year.  Also, continually watering it in the summer, when it is not in bloom, may cause the tulip bulb to rot.  This will defeat the purpose of working on flowers for next year.  So, you will start by cutting the stem back to the top of the soil, where you can just see it.  Make sure that you do not cut this unit it flower has started to fade in color and the leaves are turning brown. 

While it is nice to get new tulips each year, you are going to want to remember that you are not going to have them forever.  Eventually, you are going to need to replant new bulbs.  Many people do not have to do this for about four years.  Just keep a close eye on your tulips because you will most likely lose one or two each year.  This will help you gauge when it is time to replant new bulbs.

Tulip care can seem intimidating your first time.  It is just like everything else in life, practice makes perfect.  There is such a vast array of resources at your fingertips today that you will easily find articles and directions on how to care for this beautiful spring flower.  These flowers are a symbol of spring and that is a wonderful welcome for many.