Twig Tree

Twig Tree Uses and Decorating Ideas

A versatile country accent, a twig tree can add old-fashioned charm to the décor of your home.  It can be a year-round focal point, adding interest and allowing for easy decorating for each of the four the seasons.

Twig trees can be bought in home décor or country stores.  They are essentially small trees with no leaves, literally a tree designed from a bunching of twigs.  Because there are no leaves or needles to take the focus from the ornaments, the ornaments themselves become the focus of the tree.  In addition to their use as home décor, lighted twig trees may be purchased and placed strategically outside to illuminate a desired area.  Small twig trees may also be used as centerpieces, and they may be decorated as a low-cost, unique alternative to fresh flowers for the centerpieces for a wedding reception.

For use as a centerpiece at a wedding reception, you may choose to adorn your twig trees with items such as wedding rings, flowers, hearts, or another ornament that is personalized to the couple.  Fall weddings are particularly well-suited to a twig tree centerpiece.  You may even choose to hang pictures of the bride and groom together on the trees as the centerpiece in combination with ornamental wedding ring sets.  Creativity is key, as the possibilities are endless.  Your unique centerpieces will set your reception apart from the rest.

To decorate your tree with items from the four seasons, you really can add just about anything to personalize the twig tree to your likes.  This is what makes the twig tree such a versatile decorating item.  A few ideas follow for decorating the tree for the four seasons:

  1. Winter - After Christmas, when all of the decorations have been put away, your home often takes on a forlorn, empty feeling.  This need not be the case, though!  You can decorate for the winter using a variety of techniques.  Most popular is the blue and silver color palette traditionally associated with winter.  Your twig tree can be decorated with white lights and blue and silver ornaments.  Snowflakes are also a popular decorative item for use on a twig tree decorated for winter.  A light blue, silver, or white cloth would set the tree off as it is decorated for winter.
  2. Spring - Flowers are the trademark of spring.  Pastel or vibrantly colored flowers to match the décor of your home will add visual appeal to your twig tree.  You may also choose to decorate with Easter eggs, depending on your religious beliefs.  A few small flowerpots with silk flowers would look wonderful at the base of the tree.
  3. Summer - Fun in the sun and patriotic symbols would characterize the décor of the twig tree during the summer months.  During the month of June and into July, you may wish to decorate your twig tree in red, white, and blue to commemorate the Fourth of July.  Small flags or stars would work well to decorate for Independence Day.  For the rest of the summer, you could decorate your tree with items such as sunglasses, miniature suns, boats, or fishing items depending on your own personal likes and dislikes.  A blue cloth bunched around the bottom of the tree could be used to symbolize patriotism and/or water.
  4. Fall - Autumn is the ideal time to decorate a twig tree.  They look wonderful decorated in the colors of fall, using brightly colored leaves and placing pumpkins or gourds around the base of the tree.

Twig trees can be viewed as an empty palette on which you can add your own artistic touches.  Personalize your tree to your own personality and hobbies, and you will be able to enjoy it throughout the year.