Types Of Onions

All About The Different Types of Onions

There are multiple types of onions that are used in the typical American household kitchen. Furthermore, these onions are used around the world in many international cuisines as well. Typically onions are used for flavoring in a variety of different ways. Not only are they great for sautéing in butter; they can also be directly added to your favorite recipe to add flavoring. Throughout this article we will examine all you need to know about the different types of onions.

Onions can be found in any supermarket, grocery store, or fresh market. These onions come in a variety of different colors and are typically separated into two different types, dry and green. From here we will delve into the different types of onions to enhance your knowledge of onions.

Green onions are typically found in your salads as well as within soups. These are the small, green vegetables that are often cut in relatively thin circles on top of your favorite soups, salads, baked potatoes, and much more at your favorite restaurants. Dry onions, on the other hand can vary greatly in color ranging from red to white or yellow. The external layers of these onions feel like paper. Those that are produced during the summer and spring months tend to be sweeter; however, the winter onions are less sweet but keep longer in storage.

Now we will briefly explore the various types of onions. The Vidalia onion (the most common type) grows in Georgia and is known for its sweetness that is not overpowering. Another type includes the Grand Canyon onion that is also not too powerful and grows in Arizona. These onions may prove to be difficult to find because they are only grown between May and June. The Super Sweet onion is typically found in Texas and of course it is large since it is from Texas. This variety is available for quite a while longer, from March until August. Furthermore, the Sweet Imperial onions are probably produced more often than any other sweet onion and have a strong sweet flavor.

On the other hand, the storage types of onions tend to be found within your grocery store throughout the year. These tend to be yellow in color and have a relatively long shelf life. Therefore, these onions are great for dishes that simmer or cook for long periods of time. The red onion, shallot, and Spanish onion fall into this category.

Although onions are typically used for flavoring dishes, they also serve a variety of other functions within the kitchen. They can be boiled and sautéed or even deep-fried. The deep fried versions are generally referred to as onion rings.

Anyone wishing to purchase an onion in the store should look for ones that are dry and shiny. They should also be firm; soft onions are more likely to be rotten. The odor elicited from these onions should be relatively mild. Although sweet onions should be consumed within a couple of days after being purchased, the storage onions can obviously go a bit longer without the taste being affected.

In conclusion, there are multiple onion types that tend to fall into one of two categories, dry or green onions. Green onions are the type you generally find on salads, soups, and baked potatoes, while dry onions can be sweet or storage onions. Storage onions are typically used for extensive cooking and simmering purposes and are frequently yellow in color. Onions you purchase should be dry and firm without spots that appear dark. They should also have a mild fragrance instead of a strong odor. Now that you know all about the different types of onions, rest assured the next time you go to the grocery store to purchase flavoring for your favorite recipes.