Types Of Oranges

What Are the Different Types of Oranges?

Have you ever thought about the types of oranges that actually exist?  How many types have you tried?  You may be amazed at how many are actually produced and how many you have never seen or tasted.  Oranges are a wonderful way to get vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals that are needed for your body to remain healthy.  Therefore, spend time researching the different types that are available.  Try them!  They are good for you and they taste good to.

There are two specific types of oranges and these are navels and Valencias.  Under the naval oranges category there are moor, blood orange and red cara cara oranges.  The naval oranges are only available November through May and they are at a peak supply in the first three months of the year.  You are going to be able to tell a naval orange from the Valencias because it has a button on the opposite side of the stem.  These types of oranges do not have any seeds.  They are also very easy to take the peel off of and you can break them into segments very easily.

The Cara Cara orange is very close to the naval orange but you are going to notice a color difference when you cut it open and begin to enjoy it.  It is going to have more of a pink color to it, like a grapefruit.  When you taste it you are going to think that it has more of a cranberry flavor to it rather than an orange taste.  You can find this in different specialty stores. If you can not find it in your area then you may be able to look online and have it sent to you.

The types of oranges that are often thought to be endless summer oranges are the Valencia oranges.  They are available for purchase February through October.  These types of oranges have a very thin skin on them. Unlike the naval oranges, you are going to find some seeds in them while you are eating them.  These types or oranges are going to be the best ones to use for homemade orange juice because you are going to get a lot of juice from one orange when they are squeezed.

Blood oranges are very red when you slice into them. The juice is often the color of blood.  That may be where they got their name.  Because of their color, you can use them in recipes to add a splash of color with an interesting flavor.  You may also want to squeeze them for a different type of orange juice.  You can often find them in salads as a way to add vitamin C and color.  Better yet, you can spend some time experimenting with these oranges and cooking with them.  You will be completely amazed at how well the blood oranges go with meat and poultry dishes.  You can spend some time researching different ways to grill the orange.

Now that you are aware of the different types of oranges, do you recognize them?  Have you actually tasted every type that is out there?  If not, you may want to spend time looking for those that are new to you.  There are so many different ways to obtain fruit that you do not have to find it in your local supermarket.  Look online and see what websites will ship these special oranges to your home.  Once you taste the blood orange and the Cara Cara you will be glad that you did.  So what are you waiting for?  Get ordering!