Types Of Orchids

The Different Types of Orchids

Did you know that there are several different types of orchids?  These flowers are often known for how elegant they are and they are frequently enjoyed in homes and gardens.  When they produce their beautiful flowers, they remain for a very long time.  Most of the orchids that are found in homes and gardens are considered to be either Phalaenopsis or Dendrobium orchids.

The Phalaenopsis orchid may be known by some people as a moth flower.  This is because the when the flower blooms its looks like a moths wings floating in the wind.  These are wonderful for people that are new to gardening because they are easy to care for.  They generally bloom in the early spring and can last for months if they are taken care of properly.  The colors will usually be white, pink, yellow, green, or red.

The Dendrobium orchid is a species of orchids that consist of approximately 1600 species and they come in numerous different colors.  In the summer months they will grow very quickly but they tend to lay dormant in the winter months.  They need to be planted in small pots that have good drainage and they need to be placed somewhere where they will get a lot of sun.  They also need 50 to 70 percent humidity.  Keep in mind that orchids do not have stems that store water like other flowers and plants.  Therefore, you are going to want to run water through the soil once time a week.  Be sure that you do not over water them because they will die if you do.

The cymbidium orchid is one of the most popular types of this flower and is usually used in different flower arrangements.  It is also known as the king of orchids and they produce large blooms.  Several other types of orchids include the anguloa uniflora, which has cream white, waxy flowers and the vanda orchid.  The vandal will generally need some type of support when you are growing it because it has a tendency to grow very tall.  When you are searching for an orchid you could also find out about rare orchids.  You can find out if they will survive in your home with the conditions that you are going to be able to supply.  Cattelyas and sympodial orchids are rare and may be exactly what you are looking for.

If you are truly interested in owning an orchid or growing these in your home you should research them as much as possible.  I make this recommendation because there are so many to choose from that you are going to want to ensure that you are selecting the best fit for your home.  You are going to want to remember that each type has different characteristics based on the size of the blooms and colors.  Find out what colors you enjoy and which color will look nice in your home.

Also, different types of orchids really like artificial light.  This class of flowers is usually categorized by low, medium and high based on the amount of light they are will need to thrive successfully.  Therefore, you are going to want to know that you can give the flower the best light available to help it grow and remain beautiful for a very long time.  If you are going to supply your flower with artificial light, make sure that the bulbs are placed at least six to eight inches above the flower so that they do not burn or dry out.  You can also educate yourself about the type of orchid you want by attending gardening shows, researching on the internet, or talking to your local nursery staff.  Being prepared can help you enjoy your plant a lot more.