Types Of Peppers

All About Different Types of Peppers

There are multiple types of peppers. Some are relatively hot, while others are very mild. All peppers fall into the group Capsicum in the eyes of scientists. A wide variety of these peppers can be found in fresh markets, grocery stories, and even home grown in some occasions. Throughout this article we will examine several different types of peppers that are frequently consumed and briefly discuss specifics regarding each one. However, due to the sake of space we will not be able to go into the entire list of peppers in the world.

Peppers come in a variety of different forms. You can buy canned, pickled, fresh, and even powdered peppers. Almost all people think of hot and spicy when dwelling on peppers, however, there are actually some types of peppers that are not hot at all, such as bell peppers. In terms of color, some are the traditional red, while others are yellow, purple, brown, or green. Furthermore, these peppers are relatively healthy and have a high level of vitamin C.

Although these peppers can be found worldwide, some are known to originate in specific places. For example, chili peppers are used around the world and is an extremely popular seasoning. These peppers are native of Asia. Obviously the peppers fall into the hot category of peppers as opposed to the sweet peppers.

When someone talks about a sweet pepper they are generally referring to bell peppers. However, of the types of peppers a few others are considered sweet. Banana and Cubanelle are all types of peppers that are typically classified as sweet and are grown in the southern regions of the United States. Furthermore, the Cherry pepper (also known as pimento) is the common pepper that is found within most green olives.

On the other hand, hot peppers are the most well known pepper types in the world, as is obvious by the infamous chili pepper. These peppers are generally measured according to Wilbur Scovill’s heat rating system, which is measured in Scoville Heat Units (SHU). For example, the higher the number in terms of SHU, the hotter the pepper. To give you an idea of how this scale works, bell peppers rate a 0 while the ghost pepper (the hottest in the world) rates over 1,000,000 on the Scoville Heat Index.

Some hot peppers include Anaheim, Cascabel, and Ancho, which are frequently used in soups and stews. However, the Jalapeno pepper is one of the most well known in the United States and is spicy but does not kill you in terms of taste. Most will find these in Mexican dishes as well as mozzarella cheese sticks at some restaurants. Another relatively common pepper, the Cayenne pepper is typically purchased as a powder and is used to heat up food in terms of spiciness. Other types of peppers include the following: De Arbol, Pasilla, Habanero, Fresno, Thai, Tepin, and Serrano. These peppers can be used to add flavor and heat to a variety of dishes including stir-fry, soups, stews, Mexican dishes, Asian dishes, salsa, and even salads.

In conclusion, there are a wide variety of peppers found throughout the world; these peppers can be used for a multiple different dishes and are relatively healthy. Although most people think spicy when they hear the word pepper, there are actually a few different sweet peppers that are common; specifically, these peppers are well known in the Southern part of the United States. However, the Asian chili peppers are definitely infamous around the world being used in multiple dishes. All in all, peppers have become an essential spice worldwide.