Unusual Vegetables

Some Unusual Vegetables You May Not Know About

Lately there has been an interesting trend of people wishing to eat and grow unusual vegetables. If you are like many people, you are sure to stop and think, “What exactly are these unusual vegetables?” The best way to explain what can be classified as unusual in the vegetable arena is anything that is not your traditional common vegetables like broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, etc. People frequently use these vegetables and many more in their favorite recipes. However, many people are currently looking to discover vegetables they do not eat on a regular basis and add them to their diet. Therefore, throughout this article we will explore a few of these “unusual vegetables” to heighten your knowledge on the subject matter.

Recently many people have begun trying to cook international dishes, which obviously requires the use of some relatively foreign vegetables to our kitchens. One example includes the tomatillo, which is used in Mexican food for making salsa verde (green salsa). This vegetable may be a great addition to your Mexican dishes adding the flavor that is thought to only be found in oriental kitchens. Another interesting vegetable is romanesco, which is a close relative to cabbage, collard greens, broccoli, etc. This new addition to your kitchen can be cooked like those similar vegetables and proves to be quite nutritious.

On the other hand, arugula may be of interest to those who enjoy salads with a variety of different greens. This vegetable adds a spicy flavor (like horseradish) but is actually within the cabbage family. The leaves are what are used to add this nice flavor to your favorite salads. Another great vegetable for salad lovers is escarole, which is very common in Italian dishes. However, you can also cook this vegetable to your liking. Tatsoi (often called spinach mustard) is also very unusual and looks like a lilypad but is edible. Other relatively interesting vegetables such as choy and mizuna fall into the same family as this vegetable. The Asian vegetable can also be used as a shredded form of lettuce for your salads. Finally, white tomatoes make an excellent addition to any salad and are relatively sweet to taste. This exotic looking vegetable plant is also a beautiful addition to your balcony or porch when placed within a hanging pot or basket.

Although most people have eaten asparagus from time to time, most people have not eaten asparagus peas on a regular basis. These peas can be grown from seeds and only slightly taste like asparagus but are very similar to beans. On the other hand, you can also grow your own dill and use it for cooking everything from fish and other types of meats to cucumbers.

Although growing these unusual vegetables is relatively common, you can actually find vegetables that you have rarely used before in your local supermarket. Sometimes you can even find books that explain how you can use them, how to tell if they are fresh, and methods for cooking the given vegetable. Some fresh markets will offer unique items such as star fruit, acerola, and possibly some of the vegetables mentioned above.

In conclusion, many people have frequently been interested in growing their own vegetables or at the very least finding new vegetables to incorporate into their diet. There are a variety of vegetables that are commonly used throughout the world (Mexico, Asia, etc.) that can be used to add flavor and even oriental décor to your favorite salad, meats, or even side dishes. Be sure to look up ways to grow, clean, and cook these new unusual vegetables before adding them to your meals.