Violet Flower

Facts About The Violet Flower

It can make a difference whether you're talking about a violet flower or the violet flower. A violet flower could be any flower the color of which is violet, and it is the color which takes on a special meaning. When we say the violet flower, we could mean the same thing, but could also mean the flower type, the violet. Either way, there are a few interesting things to be learned about flowers called violets and those that are violet.

Meanings Of Flower Colors - Specific meaning are often attached to types of flowers, colors of flowers, and sometimes both. Most everyone knows the meaning of red roses, especially a dozen red roses. Such a bouquet is seldom given lightly, and rarely given to someone for reasons other than love or deep affection. Red is a symbol of love and passion, and a bouquet of red flowers and only red flowers, which don't necessarily have to be roses, usually conveys that meaning.

Orange flowers convey not so much a meaning of love or passion, but rather of friendship. Orange can be a sign of affection, but usually not of romantic affection. Orange doesn't say "I love you" so much as "I like you", or even "I like you a lot". Orange is also a pick-me up color, a nice gift on a gray day.

Other colors have their specific meanings as well, white stands for cleansing and purity, blue is often associated with the dreaming and a sense of tranquility. Even green and indigo flowers carry their special messages.

Meaning Of The Color Violet - What about the meaning of a violet flower? The color violet is considered to be a rather spiritual one; it is also a royal color. The color violet and its deeper shaded cousin purple, is often found on religious robes and on royal robes as well. A violet flower conveys a sense of majesty, and a bouquet of violet flowers carries the message to someone that they are a special and unique person, a royal person in thought if not in fact. The color violet is a sign of nobility.

Facts About The Violet - What about the flower itself, the violet? Some violets grow wild, and are the state flower in several states. Others are cultivated, some of which, the African Violet being the prime example, are grown and collected as a hobby and even entered into shows and competitions. When it comes to competition, African violets rank right up there with roses, tulips, and dahlias.

Violets are annuals and tend to be cool weather plants, though African violets thrive at room temperature and as long as they are maintained in that environment will continue to bloom, often for years on end. Growing African violets often sounds more complicated than is really the case, but they do require some special care and attention. Most violets grown out of doors on the other hand require very little care, and given the right conditions can easily spread to the point of becoming invasive.

Most But Not All Are Violet - Not all the violets we see have a violet color. This is especially the case with African violets which come in a variety of colors, and one of the wild violets, the Johnny-Jump-Up, which is very often multicolored. Most of us however are only familiar with a handful of the violet species. There are several hundred different species of violets in the world, almost 500 in fact. The rhyme "Roses are red. Violets are Blue" is only true for a few of these species. Most species of the violet flower are violet. A bouquet of violet-colored flowers to someone is an ideal choice when you want them to know you think they are very special, without going so far as making a commitment.