Water Soluble Fertilizer

A Basic Overview of Water Soluble Fertilizer

One of the best items in any gardening shed is water soluble fertilizer. Water soluble fertilizer, although used for the same purpose as normal fertilizer, is specially formulated to be able to mix directly with water and not the soil. This brings many important and useful benefits to large crops and small veggie gardens as well.

This article serves as a basic introduction to the concept of soluble fertilizers, their uses, availability, and other pieces f information you should know if you have a garden that needs a little boost.

Basic Concept

As stated, water soluble fertilizer is a plant fertilizer that can be absorbed into water. This allows the concoction to be sprayed directly onto the plant, and not placed in the soil. Many people prefer to use this type of fertilizer for its ease of use, environmental friendliness, and its time saving capabilities.

How it’s Used

Because of its versatility, this type of fertilizer has many practical applications. Since it is mixed with water and highly soluble, this fertilizer can be sprayed directly onto a plant’s leaves, reducing the need for traditional soil fertilizers by over 20%. It can also be applied to fruits or vegetables, benefiting both immensely. In particular, one of the best benefits of this fertilizer is that the user can measure out specifically how much fertilizer they need for a certain plant or crop; this cannot be done with regular soil fertilizers, though.

Although this solution can certainly be put into a simple spray bottle, it can be spread in other ways as well. Your water soluble fertilizer can diluted or in concentrated form, and can then be used through injectors, sprinklers, and more commonly it can be dropped on top of the plants by way of crop dusting aircraft.

Special Instructions

Although this fertilizer is safe for all plants, it is still important that you pay attention to the instructions from the manufacturer. Each manufacturer will have different instructions since they formulate their fertilizer with different amounts and formulas.

In particular, you need to check and see if your particular brand of fertilizer can be used with any pesticides or fungicides if that’s a necessity for you. In some cases the pesticides and fungicides may be neutralized when they come in contact with this type of fertilizer, making the point moot.

Quality Assurance

Many people are incredibly careful about their fertilizers and the quality and consistency of them. This is especially important with concentrated water soluble fertilizers because a small amount of inconsistency can ruin an entire garden or greenhouse.


To make sure this does not happen, laboratory personnel, including professional scientists in most cases, go through and analyze each batch, making sure that every single drop of the water soluble fertilizers have the same concentration of chemicals. They understand how important it is that no part of the solution is stronger and more intense than others. In addition to this, they check and make sure that no harmful chemicals like chlorine based agents have managed to be included.

Regardless of what brand or variety you choose, there are people making sure that you are getting what you paid for, ensuring that your plants and your family remain happy and healthy.


Water soluble fertilizers can be purchased in most good quality gardening supercenters and supply stores. Large quantities for crops can be purchased directly from manufacturers, and still other people prefer to do their shopping online for comparison reasons.

Regardless of the method you choose, you should be aware that the fertilizers are separated by concentrated levels of chemicals. If your plants need more nitrogen and incredibly low chlorine, there are fertilizers specifically made for that. Be sure to check gardening guides and read the container labels before purchasing.