Weeping Japanese Maple

A Guide to Pruning the Weeping Japanese Maple

The weeping Japanese maple is an amazing tree that can make a wonderful addition to your landscape.  It is going to need a lot of love and attention in order to help keep it healthy and to help it remain the shape that you want it to be.  There are a few things that you will need to keep in mind when you are beginning to prune this tree.  This article is going to give you a few tips and ideas that you should follow the next time you are ready to prune.

You will want to make sure that you are pruning the weeping Japanese maple at the appropriate time of the year.  The best time to carry out this task is in the early spring time.  This is going to be the time when the sap is starting to move through the branches and the buds are starting to break.  This is the time that the maple tree is growing the most and pruning it at this time is going to ensure that the tree can recover from the cuts. 

You are going to want all of the cuts that you make to the weeping Japanese maple to be flush with the trunk of the tree.  This will also help ensure that the tree is going to heal properly and it will also help prevent diseases from taking a hold of your tree.

The easiest pruning technique for the weeping Japanese maple is the style that is considered the mound style.  Many people enjoy this style the best and it is often used.  You will want to begin by cutting all of the branches that are growing down along the bottom of the tree.  This is going to help keep the branches off of the ground.  Once you have completed this part, you are going to want to step back and look at the tree. You are looking for any branches that do not seem to fit with the flow of things.  You want to keep in mind that you are going for a waterfall effect with the branches.  Therefore, if you notice that some of the branches are not following this flow, you will need to cut them off.

There is another style that you can use for cutting the branches as well and this is called the exposed style.  This is more complicated and it does take a lot more time.  With this technique you are going to work to expose the main branches of the weeping Japanese maple.  If you are use to pruning and you are tired of the same old look, you may want to consider this option next spring.

Take care of your weeping Japanese maple tree is going to be the most difficult part about owning one.  It is also going to be the most rewarding.  When you are finished with all of your hard work you are going to be able to step back and really admire the work you did.  If you keep up with this task each year you are going to find that it really is not that difficult at all.

If you are unsure about the pruning process, you can always consult and expert.  Someone at the local nursery may be able to help you.  You may also want to take the time to find books on this process that have illustrations for you to follow.  This may make it easier for you the first time.  As long as you take your time and follow these simple tips you should be just fine.  You are going to be glad you put the effort forth and your neighbors will be totally envious.