White Lily Flower

Understanding the Symbolism of the White Lily Flower

When you look at the elegant purity of a white lily flower you can’t help but feel something pull at your soul. In fact for many cultures across the world this special flower represents purity, honor, and enlightenment. For the ancient Greeks this flower represented innocence of the soul and would often be used during the burial of children or respected holy people. In fact in many current cultures this beautiful flower is used in weddings to represent the purity of marriage and the solemnity of the vows the couple take.

Perhaps the best known use of this beautiful flowers symbolism is that of the Easter lily. The white lily flower is used to represent the purity of the Virgin Mary. However, the use of this flower to represent godly beings goes back in history to the time of the Romans where it was believed that the white lily received its color from the fallen milk of the Goddess Juno queen of the gods. It is obvious that this flower has had a very large impact on the conscious of humanity.

While the Lily is used quite frequently to represent purity, almost any white flower can be substituted in its place including the ever popular white rose, the carnation, or any other assortment of flowers. Yet before you go making a change take a moment to think about the message you are truly trying to send. Just as the lily has its own symbolism, other white flowers do as well. While in many cases these symbolisms can be very similar, there are some nuances that you might want to pay special attention to.

For example the white rose is also a flower known to represent purity, but it also has a meaning of secrecy, and true love. By understanding all of the symbols each flower represents by itself and with other flowers you can make a very interesting floral arrangement. Not only can such an arrangement serve as a beautiful way to celebrate an occasion, but also entertain the recipient of the gift by giving them a chance to decode a multi layered riddle expressed solely with flowers.

Yet before you get ahead of yourself trying to learn everything there is to know about the heraldry of flowers, realize that sometimes just a simple gift of a single flower can speak more volumes than a rain of roses. While it may be the current fad to present a large bouquet of flowers to a friend or lover on a special occasion, imagine for a second using a single white lily flower to express the purity of your love or the respect you hold for the person you present the flower to.

As you explore the symbolism of flowers keep in mind that there have been many changes to what a flower represents over the course of human history. Also keep in mind that different cultures place different value on what a flower represents. Again using the white lily flower as an example the well known representation of this flower representing purity in western cultures it is often used to represent the virtue of chastity in eastern cultures. While it is unlikely that anyone would get upset with a gift of flowers, keeping track of these small changes in symbolism can show that you have taken the time to understand something about another person’s culture which is always appreciated.

In the end whether you use flowers as simple gifts or as a way to send a message, learning about the symbolism of flowers can be not only entertaining, but can impress others that you have a sense of culture. Just be careful not to bore people too often with long explanations of the symbolism of every flower they see.