Yellow Knockout Roses

Facts About the Yellow Knockout Roses

Yellow knockout roses have become increasingly popular as of late. Not only are these roses beautiful with their yellow hues, but they also are relatively dependable and tolerant. Furthermore, the fragrance emitted by these unique yellow knockout roses adds a very delightful aroma to the air. However, believe it or not these roses are very new to the knockout rose family. Therefore throughout this article we will explore all you need to know about these relatively new roses, specifically delving into the yellow knockout roses.



The knockout roses first made their appearance in 2000. However, the newest addition to this rose family includes the yellow knockout roses, which are definitely being taken seriously by gardeners. William Radler, the developer of this new family of roses, has created everything from the original knockout rose to the knockout pink, rainbow knockout, and double knockout. These are only a few of the varieties. The yellow knockout roses in particular are the latest addition, being added to the collection in 2009. Furthermore, this flower is unique in its abundance of fragrance.

These yellow roses are bright and beautiful, being approximately two to three inches in diameter. Furthermore, the flowers tend to have anywhere from five to six petals. Like most of those within this semi-new family, they are inclined to have a height of somewhere between four and five feet on average, with this rose bush being classified as a “landscape shrub.” Being relatively compact, this plant has amazing foliage that is semi-glossy and compliments the yellow blooms perfectly.

Not only are the knockout roses known for growing quickly, but they are relatively resistant to pests as well as several different diseases. Furthermore, they are extremely durable and drought tolerant—neither of which you will find in your traditional rose. Being flexible, these roses are able to adapt to a variety of different environments as well as soil types (with a preference for acidic soil), making them truly unique in the rose family.

These easy-to-grow “shrub roses” are frequent bloomers, which makes them a nice addition to your landscape. Add them to your garden for a splash of golden yellow like no other. Better yet, you can have these flowers throughout three seasons, which is unheard of with most roses. Even though they are very durable and can survive in most areas, we will briefly examine the ideal growing environment for these yellow knockout roses.

For best results, it is recommended that you plant them approximately two feet apart due to their spacing. Plant hardiness zones four through nine are recommended; however, you may be able to foster proper growth in zones right outside of this suggested range. In terms of sunlight, anything from full sun exposure to partial shade is acceptable. Note that blooming occurs during the spring, summer, and fall months with growth being approximately one to two feet a year.

Despite the recommendations and positive outcomes, when searching for this plant it is essential to understand that it is relatively rare and may be a bit difficult to find. Furthermore, it goes by a few different names, with the Sunny Knockout being one of the most common. However, due to their tolerance of drought and humidity as well as resistance to diseases, they are definitely worth the hunt.

In conclusion, the newest addition to the knockout rose family has been a huge hit throughout America. These gorgeous and fragrant yellow flowers make an excellent addition to any landscape during the spring, summer, and fall months. Unlike most roses, they are quite tolerant of extreme conditions and resistant to diseases and pests— which is exciting news for gardeners throughout the country. Go to your specialty nursery today to add these flowers to your garden and collection if you are looking for a vibrant rose like no other.