Yellow Watermelon

The Complete Guide to Growing Yellow Watermelon

Yellow watermelon is probably not the first thing that pops into your mind when you want a piece of this sweet fruit in the summer.  Actually, it may be uncommon to many people.  However, there is such a thing and it does exist.  It can be enjoyed just like regular watermelon but is usually available all year because it is frequently imported from Mexico.  This article will look at growing this fruit in a little more detail so that you can enjoy this fruit without going to the supermarket.

The first thing you want to remember is that watermelon can be damaged very easily by frost so you need to take care of it as it is growing.  To begin the planting process you are going to need a place that gets full sun.  This is because the watermelon needs to grow in an area where temperatures are anywhere from 70 to 80 degrees during the day.  You want to plant in soil that is lightly sandy and will hold moisture.  You can talk to a professional at a nursery if you are unsure about your soil.  They also take a very long time to grow so you may want to get an early start.  You can do this by starting the seeds in your home and then moving them out into the garden when it is no longer going to frost.  You can get the ground ready ahead of time by placing mulch over the planting area.  This will keep the ground warm so it is ready when you plant them.

Once you move the yellow watermelon outside you are going to dig a hole that is approximately that is two feet wide and one foot deep for each plant.  Before you place the plant into the hole you are going to add some manure and some bone meal.  Your nursery professional can also tell you how much of this you are going to need.  Just make sure you have everything you need when you are ready to begin.  You are going to want the plants to be anywhere from three to twelve feet apart so that they have room to grow.  Make sure that you know how large your plant is going to get so you give them enough room.  You can also add mulch around the plant at this point to help hold in moisture. Next, you are going to cover the plant with row covers in order to help keep them warm and to keep extra moisture in.  Remember that you do want to uncover them when they begin to grow so that they can pollinated by birds and bees.

Just like any other plant, the yellow watermelon also needs to be watered.  What you need to keep in mind is that you do not want to over water it because it will not be as sweet if you do.  You can avoid over watering by watering the plant when it begins to sprout and finishing when it is half grown.  You do not want to continue watering it as it gets close to being harvested.

It is obvious that the yellow watermelon may be needy.  It needs the right temperatures to grow into a delicious fruit that can be enjoyed by you and your family.  You need to make sure that you can give the plant exactly what it needs to produce sweet fruit.  If you do not have the correct temperatures or soil you are only going to plant them with no reward.  If you think that you can grow this in your garden you should go to the nearest nursery and talk to an employee.  Explain to them that you are new to this and they will walk you through it.  Take your time and do it correctly.  You will be glad you did at harvest time.