Yoshino Cherry

What Makes the Yoshino Cherry So Popular?

The Yoshino cherry is a tree that has been described by many as beautiful and stunning.  Many people believe that it is one of the most beautiful spring trees that exist.  These are the awesome trees that you see in Washington D.C. and it is easy to see that they are magnificent.  These trees were given to the United States in 1912 by the Japanese government and they still continue to amaze us each year when they bloom.

The Yoshino cherry is going to add a lot of class and character to any landscape.  They have a light smell and they produce large pink flowers.  These flowers are what make the tree so gorgeous.  It will bloom each year but you may not have the same size blooms each year.  It may look fuller on year than it did in the past or vice versa.  Either way, it is sure to please anyone who has the opportunity to take in its beauty.

If you are considering a Yoshino cherry for your garden you will want to determine if it will grow where you live. They do grow well in Mississippi but they are not known to have wonderful results in Georgia.  You need to be very aware of the soil where you live.  They need to be planted in soil that has a high pH level.  It needs to be 6.5 to 7.0. You can always check with a florist or nursery to determine how you can check your soils pH.

If you have determined that you can plant the Yoshino cherry in your garden you will want to find a location that has a lot of sun and the soil needs to drain well.  You could even plant it in a raised bed to ensure that it is going to drain well.  You will need to water the tree as soon as it is planted.  You will do this again in a day or two.  Place a mulch around the tree that is anywhere from two to three inches deep.  This is going to help keep the moisture in.  You will need to water it on a regular basis for the first year that you have it.  The soil needs to be moist up to 12 inches deep.  This is going to ensure that your tree is getting enough water.

You should be aware of the fact that the Yoshino cherry does get bugs and pests that may damage it.  Bot canker will cause the branches to die at the tips.  You are going to want to keep an eye on the bark of the tree and check the leaves for browning.  If you notice these things you are going to need to cut off all dead spots so that the disease will not spread and damage the entire tree.  Ambrosia beetles can also cause complications for your cherry tree.  They are going to dig small holes into the branches of your tree.  These bugs are going to be more common when the tree is young.  You want to watch for these bugs carefully because if they get into the tree it is going to be too late to save it.  You can purchase permethrin and spray it on trees around your cherry tree.  This is going to help keep the beetles from spreading into your cherry tree.  If you are not able to save the tree and it dies, you will want to burn the tree in order to kill the beetles.  You do not want them to continue to breed and spread to other trees in your yard.

Understanding what your tree needs is the best way to care for it and ensure that it is going to have a long and happy life.  It is worth the research and time invested if you can enjoy this beauty each spring.  So, find the perfect location and purchase your tree.  You will be so glad you did when it blooms and spreads it beauty.